Dune Chair Refill 3.0 Cubic Feet

$88 + Free Shipping
Delivered in 4-8 Days

Need some extra cushion on your Dune Chair? Restore your Dune Chair with our Dune Refill Inserts. Made with 100% recycled EPS right here in California, you can enjoy your leisure time knowing you're making an eco-friendly choice.

To keep your chair in tip-top shape, we recommend using one Dune Refill Insert every 12-18 months, depending on your weight and usage frequency. 

3 cubic feet

100% Recycled EPS (Bean Bag Fill)

Dune Chair Refill 3.0 Cubic Feet

Dune Chair Refill 3.0 Cubic Feet



Durable. Comfortable. Simple.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Mara Flynn
Not impressed.

It only took a few weeks for my two dune loungers to look sad and shapeless. It seemed to be much less "stuffed" than in the pictures in the ads and on the website. A year later I figured I'd try salvaging one of them by purchasing a "refill." The refill, a bunch of styrofoam-like beads came in what appeared to be another insert cover with no instructions (why aren't the beads just in a bag or something? What am I supposed to do with this empty insert now? Why are there no instructions on the website or with the packaging?). It was infuriatingly difficult to get these beads into one of the original inserts, with beads predictably going everywhere. I was able to get most of the beads that came into one insert, but there wasn't enough to add to the 2nd insert so my chair is still floppier than I'd like. Given the expense of buying the chair in the first place, it was a disappointment to spend an additional $80 dollars and still not have a fully filled chair. Not impressed.

Teresa Malveaux
The best customer service!

Palermo House customer service really caters to their clients! Super quick response when I needed help with my Dune Lounger refill.

Connor Cervantes
Great customer service

Customer service answers all questions and made the entire vying process a breeze. Looking forward to trying more products!