What is the vegan leather made of?

Our vegan leather is a PVC-based material. While we explored other “plant-based” alternatives, we decided that our vegan leather is best as it has proved to stand the test of time and has a true leather-like feel. Oh and did we mention it looks fabulous too?

What is the Dune Lounger filling made of?

Our loungers are filled with 100% recycled EPS that make them extra comfortable and just as nice to the planet! The loungers also have a layer of foam for extra cushion and to help maintain the shape of the lounger.


Do you have any showrooms? 

We have our throws and blankets in select stores which you can see in our store locator page. We do not have our loungers in any showrooms or stores. By selling exclusively online and directly to customers without a middleman we are able to offer the best possible price and service.



How much does shipping cost?

We provide free shipping for orders within continental United States. Shipping to Alaska, American Samoa, Puerto Rico, Hawaii, and other outlying islands is calculated by our carriers.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we do! International shipping is calculated by our carriers. Due to size, the Dune Lounger product only ships within mainland US, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and Canada.

How long will it take for me to receive my order?

For standard ground free shipping, expect your order to arrive in 6-8 business days; orders in California arrive in 2-3 business days.

What is your return and exchange policy?

Our return policy can be seen here.  



Can I machine wash the Dune Covers?

Vegan Leather / Outdoor Covers: You should never machine-wash the Dune Covers, instead we recommend using a damp cloth with water and a little bit of hand soap. We recommend cleaning the covers once a week to extend the lifespan of the covers and prevent dirt from building up and potentially becoming permanent.

Velvet / Swell Cotton Covers: You should never machine-wash the Dune Covers, instead we recommend dry cleaning them.

How should I clean the Dune Covers?

Vegan Leather / Outdoor Covers: Clean the whole surface in circular motions using liquid hand soap and water (1 part soap to 9 parts water). Wipe with a clean damp cloth to get rid of any excess soap. Repeat as needed and then let dry.

Velvet / Swell Cotton Covers: Our velvet is 100% cotton with a fabric protection against stains (it is not microfiber velvet). In general, we recommend using a hand vacuum to remove any dust. For deeper cleaning, we always recommend sending the velvet covers to the dry cleaner.

    • If you would like to spot clean a specific kind of spill, the method varies by substance spilled, however, it's important to blot spills immediately. Avoid rubbing the spill, as this can push the stain further into the fabric.
    • For most small stains: Blot the spill immediately with a clean, dry cloth. Mix equal parts white vinegar and water and apply the solution to the stain. Blot with a clean cloth and repeat as necessary. If the stain persists, mix a small amount of dish soap with water and apply it to the stain.

Can the Outdoor Dune Loungers be left out in any weather (rain, sun, snow)?

The Dune Lounger is able to withstand moderate amounts of sun, rain, and snow. Prolonged conditions of extreme rain, sun, or snow may cause discoloration and/or deterioration of the cover material. To guarantee the longest lifespan of the product, we recommend using a Dune All-Weather Cover when the Dune Lounger is not in use.

Do I need to purchase additional fill over time?

After 1-2 years of high usage, the lounger fill may compress. We recommend you purchase additional fill when this happens in order to keep your Dune as comfortable as possible. You may purchase Dune Fill here.



How big are the throws?

The sizes vary by product but generally they are oversized throws/blankets so that you can cover yourself from head to toe, for a cozier experience! Exact dimensions may vary due to the artisan nature of the products.

What is the warmest throw you have?

The Mimosa throw is the warmest throw we have, yet it is extremely lightweight. The Gasa throw is warm, and the Nido throw is the most breathable throw.

Can I wash the throws?

Yes. Machine wash cold delicate, with like colors only. Do not tumble dry. Warm iron if needed.