01 We believe a life of leisure starts at home.

02 Our simple, functional products are designed to fit neatly into your everyday life.

03 Feeling at home starts with simple, functional products. We pride ourselves in making comfortable, high-quality home goods for everyday life.

04 It's the little things that make a house a home. We believe that a simple, functional lifestyle begins with high-quality, long-lasting, and - most importantly - beautifully designed home goods.

05 We think simple is beautiful. Our minimalist designs and functionally-made home creations and the finishing touches on any lifestyle for maximum comfort.

We create pieces with you and your home in mind so that you can unwind, reset, and cultivate your own leisure. It’s time to unplug and return back to you


About us

01 Palermo, a neighborhood in Buenos Aires, Argentina, is a lively epicenter of art, fashion, bohemia, and an eclectic variety of local cuisine. Because of its versatile nature and cultural diversity, Palermo offers something for everyone with a multitude of ways to engage and explore the city's magic.

02 Inspired by the expansive nature of Palermo, we, too, offer high-end pieces that can add a broad swath of elegance, dimensions, and comfort to any home.

Durable. Comfortable. Simple.

Home goods that make everyday life worth it.


Influenced by classic and contemporary design, we offer a combination of furniture and textiles designed in California. Always inclined toward simplicity, we develop products that positively impact everyday life.

Our products are developed with functional architecture and design principles in mind. Durable and well-made, each piece is meant to bring comfort and relaxation into the home.


All of our products are built using premium, high-quality materials. We work with innovative and thoughtful suppliers to create top quality durable home goods.

The secret to long-lasting, high-quality furniture? A lot of love and proper care. That is why every piece comes with its own set of care instructions to help you maximize the longevity of your product.


We are aware of how bringing more products into the world impacts the environment. We are constantly improving our processes, making them as conscious and eco-friendly as possible. 

We are always on hand to help you fill your home with comfort. And we take your feedback seriously. Don’t hesitate to contact us.